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I’m Canadian; I was raised in Vancouver,  Canada and educated at UBC. I lived for  bit in Toronto but Van is my home town.

Vancouver, in the distance

Vancouver, in the distance

I studied history and English, film and visual art. I make art, I make films and I write books. Right now I am researching the way that both visual art and cinema have represented History.

For a while now I’m based in  Shoreditch, East London but my work takes me all over the place: Germany, Russia, Spain, Egypt, Switzerland – you name it. I’m always pretty much packed and ready to go.

(there’s a lot of blue sky in these photos of London and Vancouver – it ain’t always so ….)

20150114_122701 1-2013-08-07 15.33.21

(London and Vancouver)


My interest in history has taken me into both documentary film-making, short films and artists’ video. Much of my work explores historical events or places.

the ringmaster (Lenin)

the ringmaster (Lenin)

After film school, I co-founded Luna Nera, an independent international collective of artists (film and video makers, photographers, installation artists and performers) who get together to explore art as site-response, making video, films, installation and live art in unusual spaces. Many of my films and photos have been about urban exploration – that is, infiltrating and exploring odd, derelict or otherwise neglected urban spaces. My two major influences here are Henri Lefebvre and Gaston Bachelard.   I have worked as artist and curator of site-specific and media-art projects worldwide.  I completed an MA in Visual Culture. It was practice-based so my research included making films and  intervention projects in Berlin, Weimar, St Petersburg and Zurich. The research formed the basis for the website sitespecificart.org.uk 

As a film maker, I make and collaborate on  films and curate screenings. I am interested in cinematography and in particular the cinematography of the “artist’s film”. I believe that we need to look towards a new kind of “art” cinema, that in the spirit of Cocteau, Derk Jarman, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Peter Greenaway and many others, reasserts art within cinema’s history and rejects being dominated by the tyrannies of both the visual arts sector and the commercial cinema.

spin – mins running time (video still)

Additionally, I write criticism of both art and media culture.

See https://www.clippings.me/users/gillianmciver for a sample.

My hobbies are predictable – going to the cinema, going to exhibitions, reading, travelling and exploring derelict buildings.    I dislike cooking, home decorating, sports, shopping. I can’t drive and I like ships and dogs. Enough.


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  1. Hi Gillian, I have been offered a residency on kronstadt and have been looking for other artists who have been there just to get an idea of what to expect! I hope you will be able to reply. Best wishes Ceri

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