I’m reading

Incredibly brief reviews of what I’m reading month by month. This does not include all the stuff I read for research, unless it’s also hugely pleasurable (sometimes it is)

JULY 2017

I read Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay. I laughed and cried, it rings true. Lots of pithy insights. Not too keen on the writing style, but the content makes up for it.

JUNE 2017

I read Making Time a book about Stanley Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon by Maria Pramaggiore

I have never been a massive Kubrick fan (I like some of his films but not others) but this book made me appreciate his work more and offered many valuable insights into the one film of his I absolutely adore, Barry Lyndon.

MAY 2017

I was on holiday and I read THE ESSEX SERPENT by Sarah Perry which was pretty good; recommended.

APRIL 2017

I read the John LeCarre, nothing much to say about it but it filled a gap.


Well those two months flew by … I didnt read anything quite as mesmerising as The Goldfinch which is a pity. I read many books on film theory and film history which I won’t go into here. I also read The Antinomies of Realism by Frederic Jameson which was interesting. I was not all work and no play – I went to see The White Devil at the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse.

However for April I have an old John LeCarre ready to read.


I read The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. A big sprawling story, often very funny and sad, very much a snapshot of the present age. I was totally captured by Tartt’s world; when I put the book down I was amost amazed to find myself in London in Janaury and not New York or the scruffy suburban fringes of Las Vegas …


The Sellout – Paul Beatty –  totally Los Angeles. I could smell  LA in those pages. Funny but sad, in a way. I won’t pretend [or patronise] to ‘relate’ to Beatty’s perception but I am glad he has shared it. Worth reading.